Walking through history in Plaka

The idea of the event is to acquaint the participants to the Greek Culture and sights through active procedures, a walking treasure hunt in Plaka.
The whole event will start from the foothills of Parthenon where the participants will be introduced to their guides and the scenario of the hunt. Participants will start a route following the starting directions given from guides.
A map, compasses and a questionnaire will accompany them through the way, during which they will encounter several stops, get further information in order to continue their wanders and fill in the gaps in the questionnaire.
Guides wearing distinguished clothing will identify the stops.
The route will end up in Acropolis were a happening will take place, with exchanging of gifts and souvenirs.

During the routes, guides will introduce the participants to the … unknown and rather interesting spots of ancient and contemporary Athens.

We recommend the following locations to be visited:
  • Aerides
  • Kidathineon Square
  • Diogenis’ Fanari
  • Nafiotika
  • Agia Ekaterini
  • Agia Sofia
  • Akropolis
The key phrase
To live by walking, visiting and experiencing the Ancient Greek’s civilization, architecture, habits.

The concept
The whole event is underlined by a main theme ‘Plato’s ventures” which ends to the Symposium, a gathering to exchange ideas and “tastes”.

Procedure - details
  • The venture commences by giving to the participants the map of the area, and the Questionnaire.
  • The questions refer to the Greek ancient History, civilization, architecture and culture.
  • On the map there are 3 Stations which are obligatory and 17 discovery points which are voluntarily.  Each station or discovery point equals to a certain answer, amount of points, directions.
  • Participants have to plan, decide the fastest route and visit certain places/points. Each place give the answer to questions in order to achieve the maximum of points
  • All participants will be divided in teams of 10-12 persons each and will follow a different route.
  • Plato’s assistants (trekking Hellas guides) will be by the team’s side along their way to provide answers when they reach the stations or points.
  • The teams finally gather at a certain place where the Symposium takes place, declare the wining team, exchange ideas/answers, read a line from the Plato’s Symposium, and exchange gifts.

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